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 "Where Safety Lights the Way to Learning"

 Safe Harbor provides before and after school programming and is dedicated to promoting and encouraging all aspects of student development. Our tools are MOTIVATIONUNDERSTANDINGand CREATIVITYwhich we believe is essential.


Our program offers academic enrichment and recreational activities geared toward academic achievement and is linked to the regular school day routine. We maintain a safe and nurturing environment as expected from a standard school day.

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For additional information, please call the Safe Harbor Office:

Herb Higgin, Program Director @ (219) 873-2026 Ext. 8740

Sherri Silcox, Program Manager @ (219) 873-2026 Ext. 8744
Brenda Bolka, Office Manager  @ (219) 873-2026 Ext. 8749
Steve Champagne, Data Specialist/Web Master @ (219) 873-2026 Ext. 8743
fax: (219) 873-2136
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